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Navigate the map to see the aerial photo projects that are available within the current map window. Select the project below to turn on the project index and air photos. As you zoom in, you will begin to see the airphotos from the selected project.
Draw a box around your area of interest or click on the map to get the aerial photography that intersects the area you draw or the point that you click.
Draw a polygon by clicking on the map. Click on query to search the active layer for items within the polygon.
Choose a feature from the list below to use to query the aerial photography availablity. Once selected, click on the map to select the feature to use to query the aerial photography.
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Each of the results listed below is a clickable button that toggles the visibility of the project tiles. As you zoom in, the aerial photography will become visible.
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ND Aerial Photography Dissemination Mapservice


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North Dakota Historical Aerial Photography Map Service

* Please Note *

The North Dakota State Water Commission developed this service as a way to repurpose the thousands of air photos that we have collected over the last 70+ years. Over 36,000 photos have been scanned from agency resources, most being standard 9-inch paper photos. In order to get these photos into a format where they could be easily found and dropped into a GIS system, they had to be geo-registered after scanning. Since the vast majority of photos are of North Dakota prairie, we decided to simply register them with only 3 or 4 control points. What this means to you, is that they are NOT ortho-rectified and there WILL be radial distortion and edge-matching problems. For this reason we have included both clipped and unclipped versions of these photos. The clipped photos allow us to loosely mosaic the photos without photo borders getting in the way. The unclipped versions allow users to download photos and register them using the original fiducial marks and a generalized camera model with more advanced software. If we had spent the time trying to ortho-rectify all of our photos, you would probably never see them. We have also added many other aerial photography projects such as the USDA's National Ag Imagery Program (NAIP) photography and local county/municipal digital photography where available and when the entities are willing to share. In addition to the State's GIS Technical Committee 1957-62 photography, the US NRCS has recently partnered with the NDSWC to scan more photography, particularly from the 1930's-40's and resulted in an additional 16,000 photos last summer. We plan on continuing our partnership in 2017. We also have another 500,000 photos that have not been added to the service yet, so if you have any questions about data for specific areas, please let us know. While we would like to have all of our photos online right now, please understand that we have very limited resources to throw at this project and basically only 2 people to maintain and grow the service.


This data is provided by the ND State Water Commission for your convenience. This data is provisional. This service is provided "AS IS" and without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. No warranty, either expressed or implied, is made regarding the accuracy or utility of the data or information presented at this site. The ND State Water Commission is not responsible for any errors or damages that may occur resulting from the use or mis-use of the data that is provided at this site.

Rod Bassler
Phone: (701) 328-4998

If you have any questions regarding the data, generation methods, or errors, please direct any comments to Rod Bassler at the ND State Water Commission.

I have read the disclaimer and accept the data as is.